Reaching the accuracy needed by micro-assembly is a challenge which requires to interface the best robotic elements (linear or rotation stages, dispensers, grasping solutions) with a high-definition industrial vision process, having them to work together through an efficient software control. Our know-how and our attention to your needs will allow us to use the latest and most accurate technologies for your application.



Quick and efficient interfacing

Our software is based on a modular approach, which gives us a huge flexibility and responsiveness to quickly develop the functions required for the application:

  • Real time management of video streams
  • Smart robotic control
  • Interfaces available with many systems (linear or rotation stages, hexapods, dispensers, ...)

Adaptation of robotic structure


We can quickly integrate many types of robotic solutions to design the application that meets your needs.

  • XY stages
  • Hexapods
  • Standard robots

Most of these products are already interfaced with our software, therefore we are able to adapt them in a few days.

Fast robotic structures

The use of high speed robotic structures allows cycle times optimization, to make your solution as efficient as possible without damaging the expected accuracy

Their great agility makes it possible to proceed to:

  • Quick movements on moving parts
  • Very slow movements for optimal positioning
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Technical bricks

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