Percipio Robotics' ambition is to develop innovative assembling systems that, through their capabilities, bring real technological breakthroughs to push the limits of design in microtechnology.

As such, we are actively involved in several collaborative projects of industrial research, which allow to prepare the technical bases of the solutions we will propose to you tomorrow.

3S-MEMS project:
Silicon - metal hybridization

Projet 3S-MEMS

The project consists in taking advantage of existing resources in Franche-Comté and federating them around a new « sub-micromechanical » sector at an industrial level. All ingredients already exist locally, in particular superior microtechnical know-how and MEMS expertise. MEMS/Metal hybridization brings improved accuracy by a factor of 10 to 100 compared to existing micromechanics. It will be necessary to bring out this hybridization know-how to address a wide range of areas (medical, space sector, transport, energy…) with « made in Franche-Comté » products.

The strategic objective is to master a product, from its design to its distribution and thus to go beyond the strict framework of components suppliers.


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CITHaDel project:
Integrated micro load cell
by hybrid technology

Projet CITHaDel

This project consists in the development of a hybrid technology for the manufacturing of force measurement cells based on miniature piezoresistive strain gauges. These gauges are arranged on a support structure whose size may vary from centimeter scale to micrometer scale.

The force will be measured at the newton scale with a resolution reaching micronewton or tenth of a micronewton. The sensor will be able to measure the force either in one or in three orthogonal directions.

These loads cells will then be integrated into two devices which are dedicated to the mechanical characterization of surfaces at the micrometric scale: a nano-indenter and a nanotribometer. These characterization devices must be able to operate as well in air or gaseous environment as in the vacuum of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) chamber.


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COLAMIR project:
Collaborative agile miniaturized
robotics for ultra-precise assembly


Percipio Robotics is actively involved in the development of cobotic solutions, which allow the operator to have easy and reliable access to micro-manipulation and assisted micro-manipulation through the use of suited interfaces: vision, simple controls, addition of haptics interfaces.

The ambition of this project is to design new cobotic systems dedicated to micro-manipulation and micro-assembly, by adding the sense of touch to visual feedback, and by improving the man-machine interface intuitiveness and ergonomics. Then it will be validated on several concrete industrial application cases.


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