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The piezogripper from Percipio Robotics is the result of 10 years research at Femto-ST Institute and 2 more years to bring this piece of technology to the industrial level. Flexible, modular, easy-to-use, it is the perfect tool for microassembly robotic devices.

PiezoGripper motion

The PiezoGripper is based on piezoelectric benders, each actuated on two directions (horizontal and vertical). With two benders, it is possible to build a two fingered gripper, with 4 independent degrees of freedom. Horizontal motion of both fingers is used to the grasping/release of micro-objects, the vertical motion is used to align the fingertips of the gripper.

One of the greatest innovation of this robotic tweezers is the possibility to quickly and easily change the fingertips of the gripper. They are fully independent from the actuators (piezoelectric benders), and could be replaced by hand within a minute, without any tool.

Percipio Robotics is able to design and supply a full set of fingertips, with a wide range of material, shape and size. On demand, it is possible to add electrodes and/or sensors on the tips, like force sensors.

The PiezoGripper could be customized according to your application, and many parameters could be optimized like accuracy, resolution, stroke, gripping force, etc.

PiezoGripper performances:

  • Gripping stroke: from 100 µm to 400 µm
  • Motion resolution: up to 10 nm
  • Repeatability: +/- 5 µm (+/- 0,2 with sensors)
  • Initial gap between finger tips: from 0 to 5 mm
  • Speed: from 0,1 µm/s to 10 mm/s

PiezoGripper mounted on a miniature robotic armFully integrated PiezoGripper