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Vision device

In microassembly, the vision device is a key system for the machine, for both automation and manual operation. Percipio Robotics has designed an innovative cost-effective vison device with high resolution cameras and macro-objectives. Driven by a homemade software, the visual feedback is much more natural and easy to use than classical videomicroscopes.

Both videomacroscopes on the CHRONOGRIPRegular videomicroscopes are quite useful for imaging at microscale but they are poorly suited to be integrated in compact robotic systems for microassembly. Microscopes tubes are often very long and heavy, quite expensives, and much more expensive with motorized version for zoom and focus tuning.

Then, we propose a new system, integrating high resolution cameras (10 MPix ~ 4 Full HD Screen) and high quality optics. This videomicroscope HD is much more compact and less expensive than a classical one. We also supply a specific software, allowing dynamic modification of the magnification and the area of interest, without any motor or manual tuning.

Two views are available in standard version of the CHRONOGRIP. The vertical one is useful for accurate positioning and metrology. The side one is used to have a large view on the assembly scene, especially to estimate the vertical position of components.

Upper view performance:

  • Full view size: 10 x 7,5 mm²
  • Magnification: up to 6x (view: 1.65 x 1.25 mm²)
  • Image resolution: 2.5 µm/px
  • Area of interest selection: everywhere in the 10 x 7.5 mm² view.

Side view performance:

  • Full view size: 32 x 24 mm²
  • Magnification: up to 6x (view: 5.35 x 4 mm²)
  • Image resolution: 8.5 µm/px
  • Area of interest selection: everywhere in the 32 x 24 mm² view.

Relative position of both HD videomicroscopes could be adjusted manually by the mean of easy to use mechanical fixture. At least, we have another objectives and camera at our disposal to build the perfect visual system for your application.

Vision feedback during the manipulation of 100 µm microspheres