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Control and automation

As an innovative tool helping human operators during their microassembly tasks, the CHRONOGRIP is fully adapted to teleoperation. The robot could be totally automated as well, to fit the best compromise between automation development costs and time saving. Percipio Robotics offer strategic analysis on cost reduction by specific automation on your own micro-assembly device.

Several ways to manually control the robotBecause we are fully aware that is not the specialist who has to adapt to the machine, but the contrary, we are developping innovative control devices, in addition of classical keyboard and joystick.

The first one is a Tablet PC with a touch screen. The screen is used to show the visual feedback from the camera, and the operator could modify the magnification and the area of interest with simple gesture. By a simple touch button, it's possible to switch from the view mode to drive mode, where the gestures are analysed by the computer to move the robot. You are able to control the robot at your fingertips!

The second control device is still in development, and the first results are astonishing. There is no more screen: the hand gesture (position, speed, fingers' relative position) are directly analysed by the computer and use to control the robot. 

As automation always depends on customer's application in microassembly domains, please contact us to know what we could do for you.