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The piezogripper from Percipio Robotics is the result of 10 years research at Femto-ST Institute and 2 more years to bring this piece of technology to the industrial level. Flexible, modular, easy-to-use, it is the perfect tool for microassembly robotic devices.

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We all know the image of the watchmaker: magnifying glass under the eye, bent on his desk to assemble the delicate mechanisms of precious timepieces. Expertise, attention to detail and tradition are the key elements that emerge from this vision. But this job is increasingly confronted not only to technological evolution of watches that become more complex and accurate, but to the economic constraints of profitability and productivity.

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Your robot

Each application need a study to define the right robotic system. Because we study microassembly since many years, we could bring your advices an expertise to design the machine your need. Please contact us!