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Specific piece of machinery are used to create microcomponents, mainly used in clean rooms (silicon etching, metal sputtering, photoresist structuration, polymer molding, etc.) and maybe you don’t have these machine at your disposal. Thanks to a strong partnership with the FEMTO-ST Institute, Percipio Robotics has a privileged access to the MIMENTO facility, one of the greatest research clean room in France.

Clean room at FEMTO-ST

We offer to produce microcomponents prototypes in silicon, glass, metal, polymer and more materials with high accuracy processes according to your specifications. Percipio Robotics handle all the fabrication process, from the purchase of fabrication material (silicon wafer, photoresists, etc.) to the fabrication, validation measurements and packaging to delivery. 

Few processes at our disposal:

  • Silicon etching (DRIE, RIE, KOH wet etchning)
  • Glass etching (DRIE, RIE, vapor and wet HF)
  • Metal sputtering (Gold, Aluminium, Titanium, Platinum, Chromium, etc.)
  • SEM and Focused Ion Beam
  • Photolithography (laser and e-beam)
  • Various processes on photoresist (especially SU-8)

Example of reactive ion etching of silicon structure made for one of our applications