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Design for micro assembly

As we can’t use classical mechanical components for assembly (screws, bolts, nails, etc.), specific component’s designs are required to deals with micro assembly process (gluing, welding, etc.). Percipio Robotics offers its expertise in micro components design, according to you product’s functions and your quality and cost requirement. 


Progressive zoom on a silicon microcomponents cluster of 40 x 40 µm² parts

Send us your specification and/or your design and we will adapt it to the right microfabrication process. Then, with our CAD/Finite Element Simulation sofware, we should propose a new design, fully compatible with your product and more adapted to the assembly process

Depending on fabrication process needed (rapid prototyping, metal sputtering, ionic etchnig, wet etcching, photolithography, etc.) we design specific tools to achieve the fabrication.

Silicon sheet deformation in Finite Element Simulation