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Many steps of products' design process depend on components size, especially for miniature and microsized ones. As well as design, fabrication and assembly of these microcomponents require a new approach to achieve cost effective high quality products.

Then, Percipio Robotics offers a full range of services to deals with microproduction, from the microcomponents design and fabrication to the assembly process and the design of the best machine to achieve it.



You want to test the robotic micro-assembly on your product before buying a machine? Your prototype is impossible to mount? Your microproduct isn’t requiring a full production line, but accuracy and quality are key factors? Contact us!

Robotic design

Once the assembly process is designed, the micro assembly robotic system has to be defined and build to achieve the process. Thanks to modular and flexible robotic components and machines at our disposal, and specific software to drive our systems, we could build, test and deploy a full functional robotic system in a matter of months.


Specific piece of machinery are used to create microcomponents, mainly used in clean rooms (silicon etching, metal sputtering, photoresist structuration, polymer molding, etc.) and maybe you don’t have these machine at your disposal. Thanks to a strong partnership with the FEMTO-ST Institute, Percipio Robotics has a privileged access to the MIMENTO facility, one of the greatest research clean room in France.