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Robotic design

Once the assembly process is designed, the micro assembly robotic system has to be defined and build to achieve the process. Thanks to modular and flexible robotic components and machines at our disposal, and specific software to drive our systems, we could build, test and deploy a full functional robotic system in a matter of months.


Robot designed by Percipio Robotics with modular electromagnetic linear axis

Our studies deal with numerous parameters like accuracy, speed, repeatability, robustness, mechanical stiffness. Our expertise covers many domains in robotics, to choose the right robot system for your application:

  • Actuation principles (linear electromagnetic, CC motors, piezoelectric, etc.)
  • Components handling principle (piezogrippers, vacuum grippers, electrostatic grippers, etc.)
  • Mechanical interfaces (design of weight/stiffness optimized parts in stainless steel, silicon aluminum, ceramics, etc.)
  • Vision devices (industrial cameras, optics, light, etc.)
  • Robot software (driving, automation and visual servoing)
  • Robotic integration (to place the designed system in your process)

We already work with many robotics component's suppliers, then we could propose the best robotic assembly to fit your requirements. Our specific software allows the mix of components from several manufacturers, to free our creativity. 

Percipio Robotics also offers strategic analysis on assembly process, to estimate the best ratio between automation and tele-operation, considering numerous parameters as labor cost, machine accuracy, required throughput, etc.

Full integrated modular robotic system