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We all know the image of the watchmaker: magnifying glass under the eye, bent on his desk to assemble the delicate mechanisms of precious timepieces. Expertise, attention to detail and tradition are the key elements that emerge from this vision. But this job is increasingly confronted not only to technological evolution of watches that become more complex and accurate, but to the economic constraints of profitability and productivity.

Virtual view of the CHRONOGRIP with its Tablet PCRealizing that the machine cannot work without the human being for high precision assemblies, Percipio Robotics has worked for more than one year on the CHRONOGRIP, a compact robot machine dedicated to help the operator. Its goal:  improve the watchmaker tools, to facilitate their work, make it easier and increase accuracy and productivity. Traditional gestures… but robotized!

To achieve this evolution of traditional tools, Percipio Robotics offers a technological leap unprecedented in this sector: to associate man and robot, the intelligence and the movement to keep the technical nature of the gesture while ensuring accuracy and speed. One of the biggest issue is that is not the specialist who has to adapt to the machine, but the contrary. The CHRONOGRIP is then driven using an innovative natural interface with the traditional gesture of the watchmaker, a way to control this high accuracy robot “at your fingertips”.

Control and automation

As an innovative tool helping human operators during their microassembly tasks, the CHRONOGRIP is fully adapted to teleoperation. The robot could be totally automated as well, to fit the best compromise between automation development costs and time saving. Percipio Robotics offer strategic analysis on cost reduction by specific automation on your own micro-assembly device.

Vision device

In microassembly, the vision device is a key system for the machine, for both automation and manual operation. Percipio Robotics has designed an innovative cost-effective vison device with high resolution cameras and macro-objectives. Driven by a homemade software, the visual feedback is much more natural and easy to use than classical videomicroscopes.

Robotic structure

The robot included in the CHRONOGRIP is design to position components from a stock zone on secondary tray, grasp them with the piezogripper and assemble the component with another one on the main tray. Then, the gripper is still on camera’s view during the motion of components.